• 8.50 am: meeting with our guide in Venice - Riva degli Schiavoni, on the landing stage “Pontile della Pietà”, in front of the Pietà Church (Chiesa della Pietà);
• 9.00 am: embarkation and cruise towards the Brenta Riviera; presentation of the various Villas seen from the river;
• arrival in Fusina and cruise towards Brenta Riviera;
• passing through Moranzani Lock with rising of the water level;
• stop  at Malcontenta for the internal guided tour of Villa Foscari called La Malcontenta;
• cruising continues amongst villas, villages and swing bridges and presentation during the cruise of the various Villas seen from the river;
• 12.15 am: arrival in Oriago and stop for the lunch at the famous restaurant “Il Burchiello”; optional discounted lunch or free time and end of services.

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