Venice - T1+T2+T3. Absolute Venice

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Meeting point

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Venice, Italy4 hoursSightseeing Tours

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This combined tour lets you explore Venice in its entirety and experience the charm and magic of this thousand year-old city!
The tour is composed of three parts and allows you to discover all of Venice’s most important places.
In the first part of the tour, an experienced and qualified tour guide will accompany you through the thousand-year history of the Most Serene Republic, using anecdotes, stories and descriptions to evoke the past of this city which is packed full of charm and is unique to the world. This part of the tour takes place entirely outdoors. The tour does not include any admittance in to the monuments.

In the second part of the tour, together with an experienced and qualified tour guide you will visit the Doge’s Palace and the halls of power, immersing yourself in medieval Europe among the stuccoed halls and hundreds of masterpieces.

In the third part of the tour you will discover one of the world’s most majestic cathedrals, a true masterpiece of Byzantine art!
Together with a tour guide arranged in agreement with the Curia di Venezia, you can take in a full tour of the Golden Basilica, once the private chapel of the Doges of Venice, and the only one of its kind in Italy, thanks to the beautiful gold mosaics and marble inlay flooring.

08:45 meeting with our guide in front of the Postal Office near Saint mark Square
09:00 start the tour on foot
13:00 terminate the tour in Saint Mark Square

The tour is available from Monday to Saturday.